Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance (PM) visits are scheduled to verify and ensure the proper operation of your data center equipment. PM is recommended to maximize equipment uptime by identifying and correcting potential problems before they happen. PM visits also allow for ongoing system performance and energy efficiency optimization based on your evolving facility needs.

During a PM visit, Coolcentric Service Technicians will perform the following:

  • Check the state and operation of Coolcentric Rear Door Heat Exchanger (RDHx) units
  • Remove particulates trapped in the coil faces
  • Straighten damaged coil fins as needed
  • Release air from any bleed points as needed
  • Check the condition of the system fluid
  • Clean the pumping unit filters
  • Top-up or flush/replace treated fluid in secondary loop
  • Log the operational characteristics of the pumping system for predictive maintenance
  • Retrieve and store log and alarm data from any CDU units
  • Upgrade firmware if needed or requested (Clients are given prior notice)
  • Perform any Engineering Change Orders (ECO) on equipment as needed
  • Check the hose assemblies and quick-connect points for active or dried leakage and wear
  • Check the hose assemblies for damage

Coolcentric's Preventive Maintenance contracts can be ordered individually or in planned renewal intervals. Common customer requests are for 6-month & 1-year service intervals.

Custom contracts can be quoted as needed.

NOTE: Preventive Maintenance visits cannot be substituted for un-scheduled maintenance visits. Credit for future PM visits can be used to offset the cost of un-scheduled maintenance visits on out-of-warranty equipment only if arrangements are approved by Coolcentric Professional Services.