Data Center Cooling Installation and Commissioning

Coolcentric Professional Services (CPS) provides expert enterprise data center cooling systems installation and commissioning services for all Coolcentric equipment as well as ancillary items required to complete the installation and ensure your equipment's proper operation. CPS installation, commissioning, re-commissioning and combined service offerings are performed by Coolcentric service technicians.

Installation service may include but is not limited to the following:

  • Affix Coolcentric Rear Door Heat Exchanger unit(s) to compatible racks per the site schedule
  • Attach quick-coupling hose assemblies to Rear Door Heat Exchanger unit(s)
  • Attach quick-coupling hose assemblies to Coolant Distribution Unit(s) (CDU) or custom manifolds at supply ends
  • Secure hose assemblies to stringer, hanger or floor as specified in site schedule
  • Sub-contract installation and attachment of chilled water feeders to CDU unit(s)
  • Sub-contract electrical installation of CDU unit(s) to building power system

Commissioning services may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Check the state and operation of Rear Door Heat Exchanger units
  • Fill CDU unit(s) reservoir with treated water
  • Release air from any bleed points as needed
  • Check the condition of the system fluid
  • Add new, treated make-up fluid to the system to accommodate for installation losses
  • Log the operational characteristics of the CDU unit(s) for predictive maintenance
  • Retrieve and store log and alarm data from any CDU unit(s)
  • Upgrade firmware if needed or requested (Clients are given prior notice)
  • Perform any engineering change orders (ECO) on equipment as needed
  • Conduct performance tests on equipment using 'load' equipment if requested
  • Balancing of fluid flow per rack