Energy Efficiency and Space Optimization

IDC estimates that for every $1.00 spent on new equipment, $0.501 is spent on power and cooling. By 2012, IDC expects the cost to power and cool the world's servers will increase at 4 times the growth rate of new server spending2. And with today's data center square-footage costs, more and more IT managers are looking to innovative solutions to reduce their equipment footprint and their cooling and power costs.

Coolcentric Rear Door Heat Exchangers deliver the world's most energy- and space-efficient cooling solutions for reducing data center costs and data center optimization. Consolidate data centers with Coolcentric’s data center cooling solution. Coolcentric Rear Door Heat Exchangers cool so efficiently you can consolidate servers to free up space for future upgrades.

Coolcentric RDHx products for rack-level cooling allow customers to improve data center efficiency for maximum performance and return on investment. Coolcentric cooling systems enable data center owners and operators to eliminate hot spots, dramatically reduce energy consumption, improve space and power utilization, and reduce capital and operating expenses.

Coolcentric data center cooling solutions can help you build or refurbish your data center to improve green energy efficiency. With Coolcentric data center solutions, managers can increase compute power by 5 times, increase electrically active white space by 80% and reduce energy costs by 90% when compared to competitive IT cooling solutions.

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