Coolcentric External Manifold Kits

Coolcentric external manifold kits provide users with a permanent, hard-piped connection between the Rear Door Heat Exchanger (RDHx) and the Coolant Distribution Unit. The external manifolds are made with copper piping and can be manufactured with a variety of connections, such as drip-proof, quick-connect couplings or NPT fittings and can include items like ball valves or automatic/manual circuit setters.

High-Performance External Manifold Kits for Sustainable Data Centers

The external manifold kit ensures that the chilled water connections within the Coolcentric system are drip-proof and long-lasting. Coolcentric manufactures each external manifold kit using highly engineered materials, and performs strict quality tests on each assembly to maintain a high level of integrity.

External Manifold Kit Benefits:

  • Coolcentric application engineers can work with customers to develop designs to ensure that their manifolds can be deployed around physical obstacles
  • Quick disconnects allow equipment to be detached easily or new equipment to be added to the system in minutes
  • High-quality materials and stringent testing ensure the best performance and peace of mind
  • A variety of standard manifold configurations are readily available, or customized solutions can be quickly developed to suit most data center needs
  • The kit has an unmatched three-year limited warranty

External Manifold Kit Deployment

Standard configurations are available, or Coolcentric can work with customers to develop customized piping schemes to address the challenges of unique data center infrastructures.