Coolcentric Coolant Distribution Units

The Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU) provides close controlled cooling water for a variety of heat exchanger devices such as the Coolcentric Rear Door Heat Exchangers (RDHx). The CDU creates an isolated secondary loop, separate from the chilled water supply (building chilled water, dedicated chiller etc.), enabling strict containment and precise control of the liquid cooling system. The CDU maintains the secondary loop supply temperature above the dew point of the data center, preventing condensation and ensuring 100% sensible cooling. Heat removed by connected RDHx is then transferred to the chilled water supply by means of a stainless steel plate heat exchanger within the CDU. The CDU controller provides intelligent monitoring and interfaces with building management systems and web management tools for the highest reliability.

The CDU Model CD6C is a floor mount CDU. It is a versatile unit designed with redundant variable speed pumps to maximize system availability. This CDU provides up to 305kW cooling capacity to support up to 26 RDHx each with a 10kW load density. The CDU Model CD6C is very energy efficient providing up 260kW of cooling while only consuming a maximum of 3.7kW of energy at 480VAC. This represents nearly 80% reduction in energy consumption when compared to traditional indoor air conditioning units.

The CDU Model FS400 is a floor mount CDU design with redundant variable speed pump. This CDU provides up to 400kW of cooling capacity which can support up to 40 RDHx (assuming a 10kW rack density). It offers simililar energy efficiency to the CD6C, even though it supports a higher rack load and a higher overall flow rate.

The small footprint (600mmx1000mm) and casters makes it easy to deploy and maintain either floor mount CDU model whether it is positioned next to IT enclosures or outside of the white space entirely. Both models are available with a variety of secondary loop distribution options offering maximum flexibility.

Coolcentric’s rack-mount CDU, the CDU Model CDRM is a 5U high unit that mounts within a 19” EIA IT enclosure. Rated at 50kW, the CDU Model CDRM is a cost effective method to support one to two RDHx in a data center or wiring closet.

Coolant Distribution Unit Advantages:

  • Creates an isolated secondary cooling loop that minimizes liquid volume and pressure
  • Maintains supply water above room dew point to ensure 100% sensible cooling and eliminates condensation (and condensate pumps and drains)
  • Controls water flow on a dynamic basis
  • Allows quick and easy addition of Rear Door Heat Exchanger units such as the Coolcentric RDHx
  • Intelligent monitoring through SNMP or MODBUS
  • Enables proper water treatment for long life, high performance and reliability

Coolant Distribution Units Deployment

The CDU can be deployed in existing data centers or used as the basis of a data center water cooling design, along with the Coolcentric RDHx.