Coolcentric Data Center Cooling Products

Coolcentric delivers the world's most energy and space efficient cooling solutions and data center cooling equipment for reducing data center costs. Coolcentric patented products for rack-level cooling allow customers to optimize data centers for maximum performance and return on investment.

Rear Door Heat Exchanger

Coolcentric Rear Door Heat Exchanger (RDHx) attaches to the back of the majority of industry standard enclosures. Chilled water is fed to the specially designed coil inside the RDHx. These rack mounted devices eject the hot exhaust air through the coil, transferring the heat in the water and ejecting cool air out of the RDHx.

Coolant Distribution Unit

Coolcentric Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU) provides close controlled chilled water to the Coolcentric Rear Door Heat Exchangers.

Hose Kits

Flexible hose with stainless steel quick connect fittings to speed deployment and maximize adaptability of the cooling solution.

External Manifold Kits

Custom-designed hard piping manifold with a variety of terminations to meet unique data center layouts.


Raised floor grommets, water treatment and environment monitoring systems are available for managing and maintaining energy efficient data centers.


Coolcentric data center cooling products are based on Coolcentric Integrated Cooling Environment (ICE) and IBM Cooling Technology.


Coolcentric Global Services organization of professional engineers and technicians has extensive experience in the integration, deployment, and sustainability of data center thermal solutions.