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Industry Quotes

The Burton Group

"As data centers operators seek ways to achieve greater operational efficiency, they should seriously consider liquid cooling solutions. Liquid cooling significantly reduces energy consumption, allowing facilities to both save money, and move toward higher density racks that reduce wasted space in the data center."
- Nik Simpson, Senior Research Analyst, Compute Platforms, The Burton Group

Frost & Sullivan

"As conventional architectures for air cooling are overrun by the power densities in data centers, industry participants gradually look at liquid cooling as an effective alternative. Given the environmental and economic benefits that hundreds of clients have achieved with the LiquiCool solution, Coolcentric has developed a compelling value proposition for the growing problem of data center energy consumption and costs with its efficient water-cooled technology."
- Jorge Moreno, Research Analyst, Frost and Sullivan


"Data center rack densities, and resulting power and cooling densities, have grown drastically, to the point where the energy envelope, not the available floor space, has become the limiting factor in data centers. Customers are looking for highly flexible and low-risk solutions, like Coolcentric that address energy inefficiency without any disruption in day-to-day data center operations."
- Jed Scaramella, Senior Research Analyst for IDC’s Enterprise Platforms and Datacenter Trends