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Frequently Asked Questions about
Hose Kits and External Manifolds

What are the available lengths of the Hose Kits?

The Hose Kits are available in standard lengths from 3 feet (0.9m) up to 100 feet (30m)

What is the hose material made of?

The hose material is made of double-walled reinforced Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) rubber with an abrasion-resistant outer cover.  This material is used extensively in the mining industry for its ruggedness.

What is the hose material flammability rating?

The hose material is rated UL VW-1 (UL 1581) and MSHA 30CFR 18.65.

What types of connections are available on the Hose Kits?

Each Hose Kit has quick connect fittings on one end to connect to the RDHx quick connect fittings. These fittings are brass or stainless steel ISO 7241-1 Series B fittings. The other end of the Hose Kit can have either the same ISO B quick connects or NPT fittings.

Can any hose kit available on the market be used?

The materials used in Coolcentric’s Hose Kits meet a strict specification to avoid any chance of leaking. The materials have been extensively tested and have been used and certified in the field over the course of several decades. Each hose kit quick coupling is individually tested by Coolcentric, as are the factory-assembled hose kits. The quality, construction and integrity of other hose kits cannot be guaranteed by Coolcentric.

What are the pressure ratings for the Hose Kits?

Typically operating conditions are 20psi to 40psi (140kPa to 275kPa). Hose material burst pressure is 1800psi (12.4MPa), hose assembly is tested to 250psi (1725kPa)

Are the hose kits Plenum Rated?

The hoses have a flammability rating of UL VW-1 (per UL 1581) and meets MSHA 30CFR 18.65. The material is not “plenum rated” and should not be used in those circumstances were this rating is required. Most data centers do not require plenum rated materials however since they have isolated HVAC systems that are separate from the rest of the facility. Data centers complying with NEC Article 645 should be exempt