Coolcentric Rear Door Heat Exchanger - Low Density (RDHx-LD)

The Coolcentric® RDHx-LD is a new member of the Coolcentric family of rear door heat exchangers designed to extend available energy and cooling efficiencies, and resulting cost savings, to installations with low to medium rack densities of 5-12 kW. The RDHx-LD can be intermixed with other RDHx family products in a data center installation to accommodate low, medium and high density requirements. In addition, as rack heat loads grow, the RDHx-LD can be easily upgraded to higher capacity heat exchangers to satisfy growing cooling demands thus providing data center owners and operators flexibility and cost avoidance. The RDHx-LD can provide as much as 12kW of sensible cooling per IT enclosure, the standard RDHx up to 20kW, the high density up to 30kW, the ultra high density up to 40kW, and for those cases where the rack equipment can delivery the required airflow, the Active Door for up to 30kW

Coolcentric heat exchangers are passive liquid cooled heat exchangers; Rear Door Heat Exchangers (RDHx) replace standard rear doors on IT enclosures, and the Sidecar is an in-row heat exchanger. The rack-mount devices draw cool supply air through the chassis. Heated exhaust air passes through the liquid-filled coil, which can neutralize 100% of the exhaust air before reentry into the data center. The Coolcentric heat exchangers employ specially designed fin and tube coils, protected by two 79% open perforated sheets, to maintain airflow through the IT enclosure. Close-coupled to the IT enclosure, the heat exchangers bring the cooling as close to the heat source as possible thus providing the ultimate containment solution. Taking up a minimum of floor space, the Coolcentric heat exchangers are flexible, efficient and space-saving cooling solutions for data centers.

Rear Door Heat Exchanger (RDHx-LD) Advantages:

  • RDHx-LD provides up to 8kW of sensible cooling at 100% neutralization with no condensation
  • Passive design – no fans, moving parts or electrical connections = virtually no maintenance required
  • No noise is generated, RDHx-LD actually dampens IT enclosure noise
  • Installs in minutes
  • No rearrangement of enclosures required
  • Allows 5X the compute power versus air-cooled data center facilities
  • Patented Rear Door Heat Exchanger technology*
  • No condensate and no thermal impact on data center
  • Highly predictable cooling
  • Ultimate in containment

The World's Most Efficient, Flexible and Cost-Effective Cooling Solutions for Today's Sustainable Data Centers

Data center cooling can account for as much as 55% of a data center's total annualized operating cost. As the cost of energy continues to increase, data center operating expenses can be expected to grow exponentially. In addition to these rising energy costs, system consolidation initiatives have increased the number of servers residing in rack-mount enclosures, creating significant cooling challenges for data center managers and designers.

As the average heat density per enclosure increases, providing the cooling necessary to properly operate the data center becomes increasingly difficult, In addition, due to inefficiencies within many cooling systems, cooling must be provided that is two times heat load requirements. As a result, data center managers and designers are now looking beyond the typical perimeter cooling topology using computer room air conditioners (CRAC) or computer room air handlers (CRAH) because the needs of today's data centers have severely strained or surpassed their capabilities.

Data center managers and owners are now looking to Coolcentric for answers. The expanded family of Coolcentric data center cooling solutions provides increased cooling capacity, reduced costs and smarter sustainable solutions.

Coolcentric Data Center System Cooling Solutions

Coolcentric data center system cooling solutions are the smart answer for lowering data center system cooling costs. Coolcentric heat exchangers can reduce total energy consumption by 90%, decrease white space by 80% and reduce total cost of ownership by as much as 50% when compared to common CRAC units.

Liquid Cooling Technology

Liquid cooling technology removes 3,500 times more heat than air. It is field proven and has been safely and efficiently used in data centers for decades. Based on technology developed by IBM, Coolcentric data center cooling solutions are flexible, bringing cooling to the source of the heat – the IT enclosure to provide the ultimate in heat containment.


In typical data center installations, the infrastructure required to support perimeter or in-row cooling must be built in on day one. Because the RDHx-LD can be installed quickly and easily and requires no pressurized raised floors, air plenums, exhaust chimneys, etc., you can build as you grow. Add units as you add computing, and only pay for infrastructure as you need it.